About Bill Ryan

Bill is a writer searching for a home.

In the meantime, he asks authors to insult him whenever they write inscriptions in his books. It’s turned into an obsession.

Contact bill at love in the time of robots at g mail. You can see his awesome portfolio or his excellent resume by clicking on links. It’s easy.

10 responses to “About Bill Ryan

  1. You are my new favorite person.
    Um. You scumbag.

  2. Hey Bill,

    I am a writer who has a blog on a newspaper in Italy. I’d like to ask you 2-3 questions about your blog, your hobby and yourself. Let me know if you are available, questions would be in English and via email.
    I write for this newspaper: http://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it
    This is my personal blog: http://www.anellidifum0.wordpress.com

    • Hey Scilitian,

      I’d love to. My email address is in the (about) page. Actually, that’s dumb. I’m fairly technologically inept, but I’ll figure out a way to email you directly.


  3. you suck as bad as you smell.

    best wishes, elizabeth (a huge fan)

    • At the moment, I suck as bad as flowers, thanks to my lady’s expensive bodywash that I didn’t use while she’s away in Boston.

      Best wishes backatcha.

  4. Hi Bill. I’m an author currently on tour in the US (April 5th-16th). Although I am a nice English lady who writes disproportionately popular books about cats for children (the Warriors series), I would be very happy to insult you, if you can make it to an event. If not, you’re a poohead.
    best wishes
    Vicky (aka Erin Hunter)

  5. Hi bill.I’m a professional video game player, currently searching for a video game I’m actually good at.  In the meantime,  I try to attend as many MLG (major league gaming) events as possible, and try to suck players off under the booth.  It’s turned into an obsession

  6. nice posts you keep coming up with. and you have a theme i havent seen before

  7. HI Bill- just readyour blog. Loved the one from Mark Svartz. I couldnt agree more! Cheers Trisha from Heartsong Retreat.

  8. Bill – 
    Read you for the first time today. Just one post. Nick Flynn AND Raymond Carver? I just may be in love with you.

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