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Insulted by Authors Appears on the Bat Segundo Show

Bat Fear Filled

Edward Champion, the unabashed dominator of the online literary scene and fearless interviewer of authors, playwrights, film makers, and lonely bloggers, runs a blog of exquisite taste and regular updates. I can’t recommend enough that you visit him there.

In addition to his regular blogging duties, Edward Champion owns the sultry voice of the Bat Segundo Show, a “Radio Free Beer” podcast wherein he discusses craft, theory, philosophy, malt liquor, and the joy of reading, writing, creating, and bullshitting. He used his powers of good to draw me out of my fear cave and talk with the Segundo Show.

The interview is here. We talk Salman Rushdie and hero worship, Amy Sedaris and the C-word, Nicole Krauss and crushing disappointments. I did my best to keep up.

Smell the fear of my unwashed pisspants as I nervously laughed, tic’d, and at one point, lost track of the point I was trying to make with Rick Moody and swam in the silence of dead air for what felt like hours, searching my suddenly empty mind for something to say — anything to say — to finish whatever muddled idea I’d abandoned halfway through meandering anecdote. Despite my best/worst efforts, the Segundo Show pushed on.

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World’s Most Literary Rent Party Ever

Charles Bock Rent Party

The guest list on this one is insane.

I’m last to hear about this (as usual) but Charles Bock, author of Beautiful Children, is throwing a huge rent party, and everyone who’s anyone in the NYC (and other climes!) literary scene is coming.

Unfortunately, I’m not anyone. Yet. But I can feel good about myself another way: I can donate to the Literary Rent Party and be there in spirit!

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The WPKN Interview Wherein I Relive the Pavement Incident with Jonathan Safran Foer

I’ve still not worked up the balls to listen to myself. I remember too many false starts and “umm”s for this to be anything but humiliating. But! Binnie Klein, author of Blows to the Head: How Boxing Changed My Mind and radio interviewer/DJ extraordinaire, kept things moving and helped pull me kicking and screaming through my first interview. It was exciting, sometimes fun, and harrowing. Terry Gross had better watch her back; Binnie brings funky-fresh air to the table.

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Tune in to tomorrow morning @ 10:30 AM Eastern is betting its license to broadcast in Connecticut that I can keep myself from swearing for 15 minutes.

I’m going to run episodes of “Leave It to Beaver” while I sleep to exorcise the naughty words out of my mind.

If you can’t make it tomorrow morning, I’ve got it on good authority that there will be an archived version of the talk.

CD Payne’s Youth In Revolt

Book Review of CD Payne’s Youth In Revolt

Youth in Revolt review

After reading the 400-odd pages of Payne’s overwrought fictional memoir, I doubt I’ll make the time to watch Michael Cera play the novel’s lead, Nick Twisp. I’d suggest you skip both.

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An apt gif for this moment.

Still waiting on NYC readings


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