Insulted by Authors Appears on the Bat Segundo Show

Bat Fear Filled

Edward Champion, the unabashed dominator of the online literary scene and fearless interviewer of authors, playwrights, film makers, and lonely bloggers, runs a blog of exquisite taste and regular updates. I can’t recommend enough that you visit him there.

In addition to his regular blogging duties, Edward Champion owns the sultry voice of the Bat Segundo Show, a “Radio Free Beer” podcast wherein he discusses craft, theory, philosophy, malt liquor, and the joy of reading, writing, creating, and bullshitting. He used his powers of good to draw me out of my fear cave and talk with the Segundo Show.

The interview is here. We talk Salman Rushdie and hero worship, Amy Sedaris and the C-word, Nicole Krauss and crushing disappointments. I did my best to keep up.

Smell the fear of my unwashed pisspants as I nervously laughed, tic’d, and at one point, lost track of the point I was trying to make with Rick Moody and swam in the silence of dead air for what felt like hours, searching my suddenly empty mind for something to say — anything to say — to finish whatever muddled idea I’d abandoned halfway through meandering anecdote. Despite my best/worst efforts, the Segundo Show pushed on.

If you lose interest in my rambling, switch instead to his interview with Gary Shtyengart. Or browse the amazing list of interesting people on the Segundo Show.

Edward and the Segundo Show were gracious and generous with their time and beer, patient with my nerves. The interview made me stop and think about what I was actually doing with Insulted by Authors; I realized that I hadn’t stopped to think. Next interview, I’ll come with guns drawn.

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