World’s Most Literary Rent Party Ever

Charles Bock Rent Party

The guest list on this one is insane.

I’m last to hear about this (as usual) but Charles Bock, author of Beautiful Children, is throwing a huge rent party, and everyone who’s anyone in the NYC (and other climes!) literary scene is coming.

Unfortunately, I’m not anyone. Yet. But I can feel good about myself another way: I can donate to the Literary Rent Party and be there in spirit!

You should join me in donating. The story goes something like this: Mrs. Bock supports Mr. Bock through the two years it took to write Beautiful Children. Mr. Bock’s book takes off (and it’s really very good — I need to write a review just for the excuse of needing to read the book again!) and all is well.

Mrs. Bock was in remission from cancer at the time, but it came back late in 2010. To help pay for the hospital bills, Mary-Beth Hughes, Fiona Maazel, and Leigh Newman organized the greatest fucking party I’ve ever not been invited to. And that’s saying something — I’ve been snubbed by a lot of parties in my life.

This is maybe the most exciting, mouth-watering, make-me-jealous-as-hell list of authors I’ve ever seen. Take a look:

And if that wasn’t enough to wet your pants over, Amy Fucking Hempel and George “Jesus Christ, why couldn’t I have heard about this before tickets sold out” Saunders are coming, too.

I’d be relentlessly jealous and petty about this if it weren’t such a great cause and generally such a nice thing to do for a talented guy. If you’ve got a buck or two you can afford to send along, donate to the Bocks.

If you’ve got tickets and need a date, well, I’m a pretty nice guy.

Just sayin’.

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